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My approach consists of psychotherapy with a body based perspective and an understanding of the long term effects of stress and trauma. The following are areas of specialty:

Psychotherapy and Your Health

  • Identifying / reducing the impact of triggers that exacerbate symptoms
  • Including the body to alter patterns that drive symptoms
  • Experiencing greater resiliency in the present moment

Helping children with Asthma through work with Moms

  • Use of brief hypnosis with mothers (an average of 3 to 7 sessions)
  • Identification of interruptions to bonding
  • Repair of interruptions in bonding
  • Based on the work of Tony Madrid, Ph.D. (see "Asthma Busters")

Guidance and support for navigating the medical system more effectively

  • Interacting with medical staff with greater personal resiliency
  • Conversing with your doctors with a greater sense of empowerment
  • Getting heard more easily
  • Making medical decisions from a place of greater clarity

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