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Bonding & Asthma

Since the late 1970s, psychologist Tony Madrid has been using brief hypnosis or EMDR with mothers to repair early traumatic events that have occurred during pregnancy, labor and delivery, or in the early years of their children's lives. Such traumatic events can cause "bonding disruptions," and interrupt the natural capacity of mothers and children to bond with one another, leading to relationships that can feel "off," "broken," or that seem more difficult than they should be despite a deep desire for connection.

Dr. Madrid and his colleagues, as well as students and interns, have worked with mothers of asthmatic children, usually for an average of 3 to 7 sessions. 80% or more of these mothers have been able to repair these early traumas and interruptions.

When bonding repairs happen, mothers and children suddenly feel a different connection to each other that has been so incomprehensively missing.

And much of the time, especially when a mother repairs the bonding disruption early in her child's life, the asthma improves or resolves.
Just like that.

By working with the subconscious mind, disruptions that occurred can be repaired and a new experience in which everything went perfectly can be added or created as a different "history" to draw upon.

See the section on asthma for more information about this work, including a testimonial in Mothering Magazine by Elizabeth West, who's adopted daughter's asthma resolved after doing bonding repair work with Dr. Madrid. You will also find articles and research studies about this work.

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