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Dear Reader,

I am currently on a medical leave of absence as I slowly recover from longstanding fatigue. I am improving as I apply the principles presented on this website to work with my health. I hope to return to my psychotherapy practice at some point but do not yet know if that will happen. The process of healing is not fast although it is rich and it is my best teacher. The journey continues to change my life for the better.

I learned about the role of trauma as a risk factor for chronic illness in large part from personal experiences with chronic fatigue (ME/CFS), asthma, as well as from depression that lasted into my 20s with occasional resurgences during my work as a family doctor.

I write regularly on my blog, which is called Chronic Illness Trauma Studies, where you can also read my personal story and how I discovered the research.

My blog presents my latest summary of the research describing how trauma is a risk factor for chronic illness and mental health conditions. You can also find a list of books and therapies for healing trauma, which includes directories for finding a therapist in your area.

If you have a sense that trauma may have played a role in your health condition - from trauma in your recent past, during your birth or infancy, in childhood or in your ancestors' lives - you can take my survey as a place to start or learn more in my free downloadable ebooks.

Pending the time when I hope to return to my practice you are welcome to
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September 2017

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