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* The Role of Stress, Trauma and Early Life Events in Chronic Disease:

- The National Arthritis Foundation

Denver Support Group
Description, flyer, handouts

- Lupus Foundation of Colorado
Denver Support Group
Working with symptoms (PDF 85K)

- Diabetes
Support group, Boulder Community Hospital
Support group, Longmont United Hospital

- Rocky Mountain Chronic Fatigue / Fibromyalgia
Support Group, National Jewish Hospital, Denver
description, flyer, handouts, request audiotape

- Colorado Psychological Association Mind Body Conference
Poster Presentation
Research Abstract and references (PDF 750K)
Published article (PDF 250K)

- Colorado Association of Psychotherapists (CAP)
Description, handouts, directions

* Brain Injury and Trauma: What the Age of the Brain is Teaching Us
Longmont Brain Injury Support Group, Kaiser Permanente Medical Office
Summary of talk with book recommendations (PDF 130k)

* Depression: Why me? Panel on Women's Issues
Denver Fundraiser benefiting National Jewish Medical and Research Center and the Colorado Rockies Charity Fund
Description, handouts

* Conversations between Mind and Body
Spring Wellness Challenge, Longmont United Hospital, Senior Services
Description, handouts

* Stress and Diabetes ~ Getting a Grip.
Diabetes support group, Longmont United Hospital
Handout (80K)

* Experiential Exercises: looking at glucose changes with stress and relaxation
Diabetes support group, Longmont United Hospital

* Social Factors in Diabetes: Working with Depression
Conference for healthcare professionals
Longmont United Hospital

* Current Applications in Somatic Psychology
Guest Speaker: Naropa University, Somatic Psychology Core Curriculum
Abstract summarizing origins of disease hypotheses (PDF 750K)

* Research Applications in Clinical Practice
Guest Speaker: Naropa University, Somatic Psychology Core Curriculum
Research Abstract and references (PDF 750K)
Outline (PDF 35K)
References (PDF 40K)

* Somatic Psychology Perspectives and Chronic Illness
Guest Speaker: Naropa University: Theories of Somatic Psychology
The role of stress, trauma, & life events in chronic illness (PDF 145K)
Phases in the origins of symptoms and disease (PDF 145K)
Published Article detailing the theories presented in class (PDF 250)

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