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Summaries for Download
by Veronique Mead

Risk for chronic illness: The role of trauma and early life events in nervous system regulation
Download (PDF 145K)

Phases in the origins of symptoms and illness
Download (PDF 145K)

Origins of Disease - the Role of Life Experiences:
Research Abstract & references Download (PDF 750 k)
Research Abstract & references, no pictures Download (PDF 250 k)

Questionnaire to Explore the Relationship between Life Events and Symptoms (PDF 65K)

Working with Symptoms (PDF 85K)

More detail is available in other sections of the library:
Early Life Events
Type 1 Diabetes (a published article)
Somatic Psychology
and more...

Recommended Books on Trauma and Attachment
Peter Levine, PhD. (1997). Waking the tiger. Berkeley: North Atlantic Books.

Robert C. Scaer, MD (2005). The trauma spectrum: Hidden wounds and human resiliency. New York: W.W.Norton.

Daniel Siegel (1999). The developing mind. New York:NY: Guilford

Marshall H. Klaus and John H. Kennell (1976) Maternal-infant bonding. St. Louis: Mosby.

Peter Nathanielsz (1999). Life in the womb. Ithaca, NY: Promethean.

Recommended Books on Chronic Illness, Cancer, Pain

For summaries and comments on these books, see the Chronic Illness References page

Mate, G. (2003) When the Body Says No: Understanding the stress-disease connection. Hoboken, NJ, Wiley and Sons.

Sarno, J.E. (2006) The Divided Mind: the epidemic of mindbody disorders. New York, Regan Books.

Johnson, Hillary. (1996) Osler's Web: Inside the labyrinth of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome epidemic . New York, Crown.

Whitfield, Charles L. (2004) The Truth about Depression: Choices for Healing. Deerfield Beach, Florida. Health Communications Inc.

Foulds, Simon (2010) Colitis and Crohn's: products of fear, anger and guilt. An integrated summary of interviews from doctoral thesis research

Northrup, Christiane (2012). The Wisdom of Menopause Creating physical and emotional health during the change
Somatic Psychology Books - Mind and Body
Caldwell, Christine (Ed.). (1997). Getting in touch: the guide to new body-centered therapies. Wheaton, IL: Quest Books.

Kurtz, Ron (1990). Body-centered psychotherapy: The Hakomi Method. Mendocino, CA: LifeRhythm.

Moyers, Bill (1993). Healing and the mind. New York: Doubleday.

Somatic Psychology Links

Dr. Helmut Miltz is a psychosomatic physician who is faculty member in the health sciences at the University of Bremen in Germany. His site contains a wealth of information and links to somatic psychotherapies, as well as concepts, approaches, and articles regarding integration of mind body medicine and holism, etc

Support for Working on Your Own
Peter Levine (2005) Healing Trauma (includes CD). Boulder, CO: Sounds True.

Diane Poole-Heller (2001) Crash course: a self-healing guide to auto accident trauma and recovery. Berkeley: North Atlantic Books.

Stories about Others' Experience with Adversity
Rachel Naomi Remen (1996). Kitchen table wisdom: stories that heal. New York: Riverhead.

Oliver Sacks (1984). A Leg to Stand On. New York: Touchstone.

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