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A growing body of evidence demonstrates that traumatic events can have a profound affect on our nervous systems. The literature further describes how this process influences our risk for symptoms, ranging from PTSD and chronic pain, to autonomic dysfunction and chronic illness.

Trauma Overview
Levine, P. (1997). Waking the tiger. Berkeley: North Atlantic Books.

A good introduction and overview.

Scaer, Robert C. , MD (2005). The trauma spectrum: Hidden wounds and human resiliency. New York: W.W.Norton.

A detailed description of what trauma is, how it affects risk for symptoms and disease, and how it promotes the formation of "triggers" - written for the lay person.

Scaer, Robert C. (2001). The body bears the burden: trauma, dissociation, and disease. New York: Haworth Medical.

A detailed description of the physiology of trauma, with cases - written for the health care professional.

Self-Help Books for Working with Trauma
Levine, P. (2005). Healing Trauma: A Pioneering Program for Restoring the Wisdom of Your Body Boulder: Sounds True (comes with CD).

Poole Heller, Diane (2001). Crash course: a self-healing guide to auto accident trauma and recovery. Berkeley: North Atlantic Books.

Naparstek Belleruth (2005). Invisible heroes: Survivors of trauma and how they heal. New York: Bantam.

Take your time when reading any of these books and work with the guided exercises only if it feels helpful. The presence and added support of a skilled supportive professional is often useful and even necessary for working with trauma and is not an indication of failure.

Mead, V. (2004). Origins of chronic illness: the role of trauma. View or download PDF (110K) of excerpt from published article.

Mead, V. (2003). Environmental factors affecting the nervous system and health: the role of trauma. Excerpt from Master's Thesis. 17 p.   Download PDF (200K).
David Baldwin's Trauma Information Pages

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